We are steel

I was looking through a library of song lyrics that I add to when last.fm plays a cool new song I’ve never heard, searching for inspiration for a new blog name, when I happened upon “Steel” by Charlotte Martin. Immediately it struck me as an appropriate choice.

I’ve spent the last week or so in the virtual company of many strong women, but one in particular, who chose to talk about her medical (RU486) abortion as it happened, on Twitter. Going by @antitheistangie on Twitter, she’s gotten everything from a crowd of ardent supporters to crazy religious people trying to convert her (no easy task, if you know anything about her) to death threats serious enough to get police and FBI involved. The media has picked up the story worldwide and new articles and interviews are popping up every day.

I’m constantly astonished by how strong and unapologetic she is able to be no matter what criticism comes her way. Though I don’t know if she really knows it, she’s the embodiment of a strong woman: standing up for her rights, using her rights, and never, ever apologizing for it.

I really think that the main reason so many people have been upset by Angie’s actions on Twitter is that she hasn’t shown the requisite amount of shame — that even among people who support the right to choose, there’s a perception that if you have an abortion, you should be openly ashamed, constantly apologizing and justifying, and showing the rest of the world how sorry you are for your poor choices. Instead, Angie explained her reasons — even though she didn’t have to — and why abortion was the right choice for her and her family. And then explained them over and over again. But never did she show an ounce of shame for her choice, never did she apologize for making the same choice many women do every single day. And that’s what’s got the anti-abortion, anti-choice Twitterers so up in arms.

If you want a good laugh, check out the #livetweetingabortion hashtag on Twitter during the day this week and see what’s going on. Usually there’s at least one conservative, antiabortion person talking smack with about ten different pro-choice Twitter users. For maximum entertainment, tune in when @PleterPlan is on. And bring popcorn!

Okay, I got a little bit off track here. Where I was going is this: ┬áthe world NEEDS women of steel like Angie. This blog is going to be my way of exploring the ordinary women doing extraordinary things in the world, with a focus on using the internet to further causes and get people together. Also I’ll be writing about pretty much anything else that comes to mind. I promise I’ll leave the technical programming talk that is my day job at the door, however.

Finally, for your reading and listening pleasure, I present “Steel” by Charlotte Martin (link plays excerpt in a new window from iLike.com), along with lyrics.

The lost and insincere
They think I need to hear what’s in their empty eyes, eyes, eyes
We’re few and far between
We’ve hardly been serene
But we stand up to their lies, lies, lies
We are steel
We don’t feel anything at all

He took me in his arms
But then he squeezed too hard
He wouldn’t let me breathe, breathe, breathe

It’s been too many years
I’ve hurt too many times
To give up everything, thing, thing

I am steel
I don’t feel anything at all

The way I’ve been confused
The way that I’ve been used
And spit out on your dime
And still you lead me on
And still you take me down
And say it’s in my mind

Well I’ve seen hell and back
I’ve hidden in the dark with
No one there at all, all, all

I’ve scraped us back to life
I’ve laced up both my boots
So try and twist the knife, knife, knife

I am steel
I don’t feel anything at all
We are steel
We don’t feel anything at all
We don’t feel anything at all
Anything at all


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